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I Believe that we can make friendships everywhere we are, if only we are open to it. Good people are just so hard to find nowadays. And I wish it wouldn’t be.  How hard is it to be nice to others? We are all one race: The human race.

So here is a bit about me without being too detailed. I’ve lived in Arizona my entire life and hsve barely been out of the state.🌵 I would love to travel someday, alas, I don’t think I ever well. Are so many places in the USA and other countries that I would love to see. 

I am a SAHM of two.  E ( boy) is 6 and D(my girl) is almost 3. I worked in childcare for 10 years and quit when my son was born.  Right now he and I are doing the remote learning for school, being that I feel it’s too dangerous to send him to school because of the #COVID-19 😷

I’m also physically disabled with what is called Cerebral Palsy.  The gist of it is that i suffered a stroke during my birth, which caused the brain damage.  Half of my body is affected.  I do everything one handed because I cannot even lift my right wrist up to hold something, let alone wiggle my fingers.  I also have a crooked foot(right), so I have to wear a leg brace to(somewhat) help me walk.   I am also on anti-seizure meds.   I also drive an adapted car-- which I am VERY PROUD of driving, because it took me forever to LEARN how to drive and CONVINCE people that I could do so.

I’m married and have 2 kids.  I carried them to full term and was able to take my meds while pregnant.  The only trouble I had was feeling like a semi, having swollen feet, and the high blood pressure during the end of my pregnancies.   Husband and I’ve been together for 15 years, but married for 6 years.

I’ve been on and off LJ for years.  I used to write fanfic, but that ship sailed a long time ago. I do write poetry and short stories occasionally though. On my journal, I usually write my day to day things.  I’ll post memes, and ask random questions, too.

I HATE racism and bullies. [ We VOTED! ✔️] Love is love and you have every right to be who you are on the inside. 

The only good thing about Arizona 🌵 are the sunsets, and would love to live elsewhere, but I know we’d never leave because all our family is here.

I am a loner, and it is hard to trust people.  Therefore, I read a lot. --like stupidly.   Right now I’m reading Book#5 of the Outlander series [The Fiery Cross], and “The Witcher” series.   I also read a few in between-ers that go quickly.  Sometimes, books are just better company.   Before all this hot mess started, I used to go to Starbucks, Panera, or Wildflower Bread Company  and sit and read alone.

I also write snail mail letters and have actual penpals.  I find it SO FUN AND AMAZING, with the personal touch of a letter.  I think people are so wrapped up in technology, that they don’t realize the small things.  I don’t tell people that I do, because they always look at me weirdly and wonder, WHY I do. “It’s just easier to write an e-mail” they often say to me. I’ll sometimes share pictures of the stationary I made or letters I received.

If you think we’d mesh well together, drop me a line. Let’s see what happens.


Answer for question 4358.

How do you feel about e-readers? Would you rather read an actual, physical book? Why do you prefer one over the other?
I prefer paper books too, although sometimes the e-readers come in handy. There is just something about physically holding a book in your hands. The smell, feel of the pages. Sometimes, depending on which e reader you have, they hurt your eyes too.